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16 WalkerRoyce commented Permalink

Good! We didn't want to publish a "walk in the park." But we did want to create a fun challenge that exposes the power of collaborative thinking. We hope folks enjoyed the mental exercise. Want another? Go by the social lounge at Innovate and pick up a completely different puzzle. We will also publish that here sometime this week. Enjoy Innovate.

17 Miamc commented Permalink

My crack puzzling team has been working on the new one since Sunday. Has anyone solved it yet?

18 WalkerRoyce commented Permalink

No solutions yet. A few hints... <br /> 1) Ask your team: what do we know? What do we NOT know? That will help you find direction. <br /> 2) The solution requires 3 aha moments. Context, Complete, Compose <br /> 3) The title of this puzzle should be: Unpalatable <div>&nbsp;</div> Who will be first?