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1 WalkerRoyce commented Permalink

No solutions yet? <br /> Here is a hint...the title to each list is a subtle hint. <br /> When you see the connection, you will know it, and the title will make sense.

2 lewitt1 commented Permalink

1 down -- 11 to go!! Thanks for the challenge!

3 Tony_Goodman commented Permalink

Complete! <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you Walker for such an interesting challenge. <br /> Because of this I decided to buy your Eureka! book.

4 WalkerRoyce commented Permalink

Congratulations Tony! Feel free to explain your experience without giving away the solution. It may help provide a small nudge to others. This virtual geocache is very much like those found at The geocaching community enjoys "logging the find" with a short log of the experience including setbacks, easier parts, harder parts, etc. <br /> Good luck to others.

5 Tony_Goodman commented Permalink

Come on everyone, only 4 days to go! <br /> The following might help... <br /> The solutions each have a different method, so if you use a method to solve one, don't try to use it again. <br /> Don't get hung up on complex mathematics - all solutions are (frustratingly) obvious once you know the trick! <br /> Do take notice on the heading clues and think about what they might mean before attempting that list. <br /> I did waste a lot of time when I got stuck on a few because I was heading in the wrong direction. If you have a block on one of the lists, forget it for a while and come back later. Like I said, none require massive amounts of thinking. <br /> Try to think laterally, in some cases the items in the list have nothing to do with each other and their meaning bears no relationship to the solution. Having said that, some lists do contain related items, so you need to spot which are which. <br /> I guarantee that when you discover the remote location you will smile! <br /> Good luck.

6 Rosa commented Permalink

Hello <br /> I don't understand this: the zero in each list may correlate with a zero or with a 10 depending on the context.

7 Tony_Goodman commented Permalink

Each list may correlate to 0-9 or 1-10, but the missing number, i.e. the answer, will never be 10 as it has to be a single digit. Hope this helps. Another small tip is that the answer to lists F and D must be less than 6 because they are used as the first digits in minutes.

8 Rosa commented Permalink

This is very hard. We need more clues and hints. Even if you figure out a common theme, I don't see what would lead you to what is missing. <br /> Tony said that in some cases the items have no relation to each other, so how would you discover a common theme then?

9 Tony_Goodman commented Permalink

It is hard to provide hints without giving it away. If the items in the list do not appear to have any relationship with each other, then you might want to look at what is on the page rather than reading the list ;-)

10 Miamc commented Permalink

The solution for each list is different from all the others, and you really do have to come at them from a lot of different directions. And Walker Royce is speaking the truth: the names of the lists are important. <div>&nbsp;</div> I'm lucky to have a smart team, and one person in particular who likes puzzles, so we got the last of them yesterday. We found "I" to be the hardest I have a big spreadsheet with all kinds of attributes for the items, looking for the pattern. In the end it turned out I was over-researching and over-thinking it.