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1 HenkW commented Permalink

Excellent post Neli. Can't wait to get hold of the installables to build a demonstatable PowervC environment in the IIC Amsterdam. If you have any additional documentation on the install and configuration to share feel free......

2 puchalek commented Permalink

Hi Neli, <div>&nbsp;</div> Just tried to comment but I don't see it so this may be a repeat. <div>&nbsp;</div> Great info on the next Virtualization tool, here's a link to the Redbook that just came out: <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the update! <div>&nbsp;</div> Michael

3 Neli commented Permalink

.@HenkW Henk, Thanks! <br /> Please take a look at Michael Puchalek's comment. He provided a link to the new PowerVC Redbook.