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1 Crises commented Permalink

It seems like 2008 is turning into the year of global financial crisis . First we have been confronted with the worldwide meals crisis, swiftly followed by, what now appears to be, a collapse of main monetary institutions.

But it surely won’t stop here. As FAO, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, calculated the fee to cope with the current food crises at US$30 billion per yr, donors stepped up their monetary support.
But that was before the present financial crisis . At this second, the governments worldwide concentrate their monetary assets in conserving their banks and monetary institutions afloat:
The global financial crisis also cause a global humanitarian crisis !

2 guccibags commented Permalink

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3 ISM_KJH commented Permalink

In the time that lots of companies uses utf-8 instead of en_us you have to ensure that the LOCALEs are set to en_us.8859-1 before you start to re-create sysadmin.
If utf-8 is configured you will get lots of errors (-650, -19829) during table creation.
Among other thinks all tables which contains varchar and lvarchar columns will fail.
One result is that you can not install e.g. tasks.

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