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1 localhost commented Permalink

in previous version, During an archive,modifications to a BLOB chunk are prevented until it has been archived. While BLOBS can still be selected from a locked chunk,inserts are prevented. Now cheetah do some improvement , and SBLOB, BLOB dbspace will do the backup fist than the normal dbspace


2 localhost commented Permalink

Do a test on the ids 10, find the onbar backup order on ids10 is really different with ids cheetah. In ids 10 , the rootdbspace,plog dbspace, llog dbspace will do first , and then blob space.For normal dbspace, the order is according to first letter of the dbspace name(A~Z)

3 localhost commented Permalink

A potential risk in Cheetah:Though the order of DBS is : ROOTDBS/LOGDBS/SBDBS/BLOBDBS...,

and when in archive BLOBDBS will be prevent from writing,there will be in such situation that if SBDBS is large and full of data , Customs' transaction on BLOBDBS will be influnced heavily, but in previous Version , there havn't such question, go without saying ORACLE and other DB server.
Archive should not hung service too much, so I think that the BLOBDBS should be archived ASAP just like Version 10 does.

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