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1 HrvojeZokovic commented Permalink

If you try to diff onconfig.std file with itself:

        onconfig_diff -c -f $INFORMIXDIR/etc/onconfig.std -s $INFORMIXDIR/etc/onconfig.std

you will get nonexistent differences

        Parameters Found in both files, but different


                 File 1:  default,buffers=10000,lrus=8,lru_min_dirty=50.00,lru_max_dirty=60.50

                         File 2:  size=2k,buffers=50000,lrus=8,lru_min_dirty=50,lru_max_dirty=60
                 File 1:  size=2k,buffers=50000,lrus=8,lru_min_dirty=50,lru_max_dirty=60

                         File 2:  default,buffers=10000,lrus=8,lru_min_dirty=50.00,lru_max_dirty=60.50
I'll modify my awk script which diff-s onconfig files to output data similar to onconfig_diff and I'll put it here when I learn how to insert source code in this text box :)

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