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1 localhost commented Permalink

If the index is held externally to the database, how does one tie in the backups of the instance with the backup of the external space?

2 localhost commented Permalink

Backups of external spaces are handled by traditional OS means. The instance has no control over external spaces, and as such cannot back them up. In order to do a fully safe backup of the BTS external space, you should also run:

onmode -c block
and then perform the systme backup for the external space.

3 localhost commented Permalink

Beginning with IDS 11.50xC3, we included a new feature to allow BTS indexes to be built in a SmartBlob space, while maintaining backward compatibility with the extspace option. This new BTS release can be used in HDR and Mach 11 environments, and supports updatable secondaries. The BTS version was updated to v2.00.

In order to register BTS 2.00, the server needs an additional setting -- the onconfig variable: SBSPACENAME must be set to an existing SmartBlob space in order to be configured with a logged default SmartBlob space. This addtional configuration requirment is omitted in early documentation and release notes.

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