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1 GALPGR commented Permalink

Hi Holly ! <div>&nbsp;</div> - What is the future of DSAC (Data Studio Administration Console)? <div>&nbsp;</div> - Why not integrate DSHM (Data Studio Health Monitor) DSAC functionality? <div>&nbsp;</div> regards, <br />

2 hollyann commented Permalink

Hi GALPGR, <div>&nbsp;</div> Data Studio Administration Console (DSAC) is no longer available. Feedback from customers indicated that they wanted a simpler infrastructure. DSAC required additional monitoring components to be installed and maintained. The Data Studio Health Monitor uses only SQL administrative views and routines. Plus it is built on the same common components as Optim Performance Manager (OPM). In fact, we added and enhanced the same health monitoring functions for OPM. We also have provided integration from our Eclipse administrative offerings Data Studio and Optim Database Administrator to the Health Monitor for a more unified administrative experience. <div>&nbsp;</div> Have you tried it? We'd enjoy knowing what you like and what you'd like more of :-) <div>&nbsp;</div> Holly <div>&nbsp;</div>

3 GALPGR commented Permalink

Hi Holly ! <div>&nbsp;</div> I think the DSHM is a breakthrough but ... has very few features. For example, DB2TOP is better than DSHM because it has more features that help managing databases (though that is rustic to use). I understand that OPM has the best of both worlds but ... must be purchased. I hope that future versions of DSHM brings more features and facilities management. <div>&nbsp;</div> A good example to follow is SQL Server Managment Studio and Utility Control Point (these tools are free with the purchase of licensed) or add the features that has open source project: Technology Explorer for IBM DB2. <div>&nbsp;</div> This is my feedback :-) <br /> Thanks for answering my previous questions ! <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards

4 jmglenn commented Permalink

"All DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows customers with current subscriptions now get access to Optim Database Administrator and Optim Development Studio in addition to Data Studio." <div>&nbsp;</div> Holly, <br /> Will we be able to obtain these packages via Passport Advantage or do we need to work through our sales channel? <div>&nbsp;</div> Jeff

5 hollyann commented Permalink

Hi Jeff, <div>&nbsp;</div> These should be available through Passport Advantage as of last Friday. <div>&nbsp;</div> Holly

6 jentek commented Permalink

I just checked my Passport page (November 8th 2010) and Optim is not listed there. All the DB2 WSE 9.1 and 9.7 are listed there though. <div>&nbsp;</div> We were about to buy another vendors DBA package, please asdvise how to download the Optim that is supposed to be available to us now. <br /> Thanks, Steve

7 hollyann commented Permalink

Hi Jentek, <div>&nbsp;</div> The Optim tools are part of the DB2 eAssembly so they are not listed separately. You should have them when you download the DB2 offering.