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Hi Bryan,<div>&nbsp;</div> As a DB2 LUW consultant who works with database developers from various backgrounds, I appreciate having Data Studio as a tool I can provide to anyone who wants to better explore and understand the DB2 databases in their shop. I like the Generate DDL feature, we all enjoy having Visual Explain so close at hand. Data Studio fills a rather conspicuous gap left by previous DB2 tools, both from IBM and other software vendors.

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Hi Bryan,<div>&nbsp;</div> i dont know if the Data studio worked as designed or just forgot to take the short cut to generate DDL for a particular case. i was just trying to alter a table to increase a decimal(7,2) to decimal(9,2). However instead of just generating a alter table alter column set data type script.... it generated a script having drop table and recreating with new definition. i am using db2 9.1.2 on windowsData studio 1.1<div>&nbsp;</div>