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just yesterday I did a purequery POT in Brussels Belgium, some 16 people attended, some IBM, some BP's and some clients,I actually only had half a day to complete the purequery part, which is in no way sufficient time to complete the POT material, but I think that most of the people there got a good taste of the data studio vision and what purequery can bring in their JAVA environments,last month I helped out in Zurich for a purequery pot, that one was more difficult for me since I have an LUW background and the customer was a DB2 on Z user, but there as well it went quite well, on bot occasions the purequery for jdbc applications is one of the things I want to explain for sure, and also this is something the clients really like since it has a low impact on development and noticable benefits in production.

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hi Raf,<div>&nbsp;</div> Good to hear from you. Glad to hear that you are conducting PoT sessions in Europe. I agree, the pureQuery for JDBC applications is compelling, especially with DB2 on Z, with the potential MIPS reduction. My colleagues Patrick and Zeus have written this tutorial that you can point your attendees, in case they don't have time to run through the labs<div>&nbsp;</div> regards,Vijay