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I like these 3 reasons - and I see another pattern we should discuss. It's not just about listening to the software imho, it's about listening to the data ... the basis of Software Defined Storage is how we develop new storage offerings that are capable of listening to the data. <div>&nbsp;</div> I recently posted a blog entry on that talks about this topic, so I'll just mention briefly here what I mean by listening to data ... if software is king in this new world of ours (and I believe it is), then data is the prime minister! Data, and meta-data, are becoming "self aware" through new meta-data concepts such as we developed back in the days of object oriented languages -- data now has meta data objects associated with it to help us understand where the data is stored, what apps the data is associated with, how often the data is used, how the data is used, and so on. This information allows our storage devices to recognize patterns of use and do things like dedup, auto-tier, archive and copy data as required by the software layers in a Software Defined Environment. <div>&nbsp;</div> The STG Storage team is building the Software Defined Storage offerings that leverage this new data paradigm, and I guarantee our storage products are "listening" not just to the software, but also to the data! :)