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1 ufa commented Permalink

might I ask a question what the OFED_KIT_DIR variable in the install and uninstall scripts points to (or should point to?).

I found here and in other descriptions a setting like
but I am looking at a PCM 4.1.1 setup (not done by me, I am just to add GPFS), where there is no directory /opt/xcat/kits.
Looking into the script I found this should pint to the directory where the iso file is provided (from kit_mlnx_ofed_install.sh:
mount -o loop $OFED_KIT_DIR/$OFED_ISO $tmpmount), and according to the kit building description, the iso should be in */kit-mellanox-ofed-template/source_packages.
The kit has been built, and I could add it to the PCM kit library. Would that be sufficient prove for all went ok?

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