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1 munkee commented Permalink

Excellent usage of Node-Red! I am using it too on the Pi. Just a quick question would you be able to list the hardware you have used in this tutorial. I am currently using the USB connector from my Pi to an Arduino Uno for most tasks but I see you have quite a number of other bits between yours, which I have never seen before.

2 Hickmat commented Permalink

Hi Munkee,

So in terms of what I have in the mix here let me try and split it up a bit :-)
To detect motion I have the Ardunio (Uno) connected to a PIR motion sensor from SparkFun ( to detect motion and I then have one of the output pins from the Arduino connected to the breadboard with the 7 segement displays.
The Arduino is then connected to my PI via I2C. To add an extra dimension to this I have the Quick2Wire Combo Kit ( connected to my PI to allow easier access to the GPIO. The port extender part of this kit (the smaller board in the picture) replicates the I2C port on the main board and its to this that I've connected my Arduino.
The final part of the set up is the USB camare. For this I bought a Trust 16429 Spotlight Webcam which works out of the box.
Does this help?