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1 vtiwari4 commented Permalink

Hello Gert,
Thanks a lot for the wonderful article.. !

Please suggest if you have configured Apache Reverse Proxy for an environment of multiple Clusters..
Cluster 1: Server 1, Server 2
Cluster 2: Server 3, Server 4
A user can be part of any one cluster. Now, if we have to implement Reverse Proxy, how can we ensure that after initial authentication, user is redirected to correct Cluster ?
I am aware that it can be done via F5 Big-IP, but is it possible to have a single Webmail URL and rest is transparent for the users.. ?

2 GertvanKempen commented Permalink

There might be some option to achieve get the requested configuration up and running. Currently the cluster is defined on the root url what means that all requests will be passed to one of the cluster members. That means that all mailboxes should be on all nodes. You could configure multiple clusters, each on it's own junction for example /cl1/ and /cl2/. To make the logins and iNotes work you however always need to define to which server the root or explicit urls will be transfered (for example /names.nsf, /iNotes, /iwaredir.nsf etc.).

The biggest problem might will be to differentiate to which cluster the requests should be redirected. An option might be to set the Redirection type to Dynamic and then change the hostname that you receive into the corresponding junction by using the ProxyPassReverse option. That means that when you get http://server1.internal.net/ or http://server2.internal.net/ you replace it with /cl1/ and in case of http://server3.internal.net/ or http://server4.internal.net/ to /cl2/.
Just give it a try.

3 Danisoft commented Permalink

More resources http://www.noteros.com/inotes-con-reverse-proxy-apache-parte-3/

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