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1 localhost commented Permalink

I made the switch to Vonage about 8 months ago and at first it was not that great. It still is not "great" but it is much better now that I upgraded my download and upload speeds to the next level. The speeds are 6 Mbps download and 768K upload speed. So with your connections it sounds like you should get some good quality. I have a business phone, house phone and 5 computers connected through this one broadband connection.

2 localhost commented Permalink

There's a good chance that your ma bell phone will actually work when the power's out. A VoIP phone requires power to work.

3 localhost commented Permalink

I've been using Vonage for one year now and wouldn't consider going back. It's been great. My phone bill went from about 70.00 per month to about $25. That includes many calls to Japan for the sum of 6 cents per minute. I use a Comcast cable connection (not upgraded) to access the internet. I use the $15 per month (500 anywhere minutes)plan since we usually don't use the phone more than 6 hours per month.Jeff Worst

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