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How to Connect Two CD Drivers

The standard computer is capable of holding between four and eight drives internally. These can be any type of drive: hard drives, floppy drives, CD drives, DVD drives, or any other drive that connects using EIDE, SATA, or PATA connection ports. Most computers have a single internal hard drive and one additional drive, either a CD or DVD drive. To connect one CD drive to another, both need to be installed in the same computer
Shut down the computer, turn it off and unplug the computer. It is not safe to work on the internal parts of a computer while it is running, or even while it is plugged into electrical power.
Open the computer case. Depending on your computer case, this may require unscrewing two thumbscrews at the rear of the box, or it may require other screws or slots. Some computer cases simply slide open with pressure on the correct location on the box.
Locate a place for your new CD drive and install it using the screws included with the CD drive. The slots for the second CD drive will be near the currently installed CD drive. They are large slots that are wide enough to fit the CD, but just barely. Be sure that the door to the CD drive is facing the outside of the computer case. You may need to remove a dust cover in the case so the CD drive door will open.
Attach a power cable to the new CD drive. Most computers will have a number of additional power cables inside the box, ready to be used. It does not matter which power cable you use, as long as the power cable fits into the CD drive. You can identify the power cables because they have four wires that lead to a white plug that is about one inch wide. At least one of the wires will be red. They will only fit into the CD drive in one orientation.
Attach the data cable to the CD drive. Depending on the style of CD drive you have, this cable may be the EIDE, the PATA or the SATA cable. Each of these cables is different, but will be provided with the CD drive. Like the power cable, this cable will only fit into the CD drive with one orientation, so you cannot place this cable on backwards.
Attach the other end of the data cable to the motherboard. Depending on the type of cable (EIDE, SATA, PATA), the cable will go to a different location on the motherboard. To find the location for the new cable, follow the cable from the current CD drive or hard drive in the computer to the motherboard. Near where this cable attaches to the motherboard there will be additional slots that are similar that you can use for the new CD cable. It does not matter which of the slots on the motherboard you use as long as the cable fits into the slot.
Re-assemble your computer and turn it on. When you do, the system Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) will detect the new CD drive and you will be able to use the two CD drives at the same time.
Tips & Warnings
Working on a computer that has electrical power can shock you or kill you. Only use the screws provided with the CD drive or you may damage the CD drive.

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