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Unfortunately the client software is still only available for Windows. There are some posts about an upcoming Linux client in the forums, but they are from Oct/Nov 2004. Seems like they've given up the effort porting that software to Linux. Or maybe the people who were assigned to that got laid off ;-)

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Teehee, one point for Till. *eg*Since the first time I read about the World Community Grid, I wonder why IBM created yet another distributed computing framework. I mean, BOINC is there for some time now and could use some developer hands to make it even more useful. It's open source and there are already five projects running on BOINC. If you want an commercial framework you could use the ones from United Devices or Entropia.

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Hi Till, this is Bill Higgins from IBM. I passed on your question to the World Community Grid folks and here was their response:

We are committed to providing a Linux client for World Community Grid by the end of 2005. We are nearing the completion of development and have started Alpha testing.
Let me know if you have any other questions.

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