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1 localhost commented Permalink

For me, design starts with the railing and implementation starts with the city.Usually an idea will just start off as a spark in my mind and then over time it builds upon itself until I've conviced myself that its a good idea. Then when I implement the idea, I start off with a generalised framework and refine it until it matches the vision in my mind.

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I find another house that's as close as possible to the house to be built, make a copy (breaking the analogy), and then start changing one rail at a time. I keep a copy of the working house before every change (creating kind of an incremental Levittown) and always be sure to have a working house before going on to the next change. Early changes are chosen with an eye to having the family move in as early as possible, so that later changes will tend to fit them exactly, rather than fitting the original blueprint that they gave me. (No one ever lives in a blueprint.)

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