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1 localhost commented Permalink

I confess that I have a [i]thing[/i] about electronic voting, but I have to say that as a very serious Computer Scientist, I am surprised that you seem somewhat ambivilent about your concerns.Someone of your experience and calibre [b]knows[/b] that errors happen, cables fall out at inopportune times and even random memory bits are toggled by stray charged particles.It's not an academic maybe, it happens. How can you not be enraged that such little care is being taken to protect your vote against damage or fraud? The unauthorised code releases of the Diebold machines is now a matter of public knowledge - I would be very disturbed to cast my vote here in Australia on an unknown electronic voting machine.Just my 2c!

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And here it is. "Vote Save Error #9" :http://nickstech.com/Seeing the humerous side, another blogger wonders which is worse: that an error occurred, or that it is rendered in the "Chicago" font.Please don't tell me that the voting software runs on a classic mac in Hypercard...Of course the whole thing could be a hoax, but googling has yet to confirm or deny that.Also this site:http://www.blackboxvoting.com/Where people have been writing in with their voting experiences.I quite like the simple Australian paper voting.Ok - enough waffling now.

3 localhost commented Permalink

And more:Risks Digest: Touchscreen voting spawns glitcheshttp://catless.ncl.ac.uk/Risks/23.58.html#subj2

4 localhost commented Permalink

my concerns are not ambivilant: there are indeed opportunities for novel forms of fraud and error in the context of electronic voting, and this domain requires all the best practices that our software profession can bring to bear. this is an area where business practices (i.e. having hardcopy backup), formalisms (this is software I'd like to see proven correct), and deep security (both physical as well as in the avoidance of trojans and other nasty deeds) must come together.that being said, i am hopeful that electronic voting will become more of a common practice

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