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1 donferguson commented Permalink

This is a very interesting observation. I have started holding virtual office hours within CA for CA's technical team. Currently they are just conference calls. Using Second Life is a great idea. I am probably a lot less scary when I am a cartoon avatar.

2 WJM92 commented Permalink

'A real relationship! Urgh, how horrible.'

This reminded me of the societies discussed in Isaac Asimov's Robot novels. One Solarian planet had so many robots (slaves) and so little humans that the humans never had any 'actual' contact, but did everything remotely via hologram. One person suffered a heart attack because another person (not a Solarian) had actually gone to his house to meet him in person. The shock killed him.
The Solarians were the first wave of space colonists with their superior technology and robots, their life span greatly increased over those left on earth and they were the dominant force economically, politically, etc. They had the means to follow their own pursuits, but any compelling force to do things like invent or innovate or create, were internal (ego, pride amongst peers, etc) and not external (putting food on the table, conquering your neighbor, defending your city against conquerors, etc). They also had a lot more lifetime, so they were under no pressure to perform.
Those left on earth regressed into megalopolis and despised advanced technology like robots. They lived in the 'messiness and squalor of the real world'. Yet in the end, when they finally ventured forth from earth (second wave), they surpassed the Solarians BECAUSE of their shorter life span and the competitive nature of their society which pushed them to innovate, and conquer - they were compelled by external forces: Carpe Diem.
It would truly be a shame to miss out on life - its greatness is something that only comes from relationships and has its full expression in the physical world. The mind can only go so far, but the spirit soars when we can feel the real wind on our face, or see a real sunset holding the hand of our loved one.
There's a texture to life that most of us don't (I imagine) encounter as much as others used to. What is this experience we call 'life'? Perhaps its more, and has more to offer, than you've experienced. There are gems and treasures that are missed and overlooked by busy-ness. If someone were not alive and you had to convince them how great this thing called life was that they should experience, what do you think would be the most compelling reasons?
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

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