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I get the following error:
HSCL2970 The IOServer command has failed because of the following reason: ioscli lsdev -vpd -dev hdisk* contains illegal data: *.
for the this command in the script:
ssh hscroot@$HMC "viosvrcmd -m $BOX_NAME -p $VIOS -c 'lsdev -vpd -dev hdisk*'" \
|awk '/hdisk/ || /Serial/ {print }' \
|awk 'END { print r } r && ( /hdisk/ || /vpath/) { print r; r = "" } { r = r ? r $0 : $0 }' >${TARGET_FOLDER}/${FILE_PREFIXES}_lun_serials.out
Is there any work around for this one?
Thanks in adavance!

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Hi There

Yeah, looks like that '*' became invalid character when you execute a command via viosvrcmd.
Anyway, I did some modifications in the script, and uploaded the new version under the same link. Could you please download and test this version again?

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am getting the below error when i run -all

grep: 0652-033 Cannot open *_Server-9117-MMB-SN6523F9P_F9P_lun_size.out.
505801DB () is zoned to:
grep: 0652-033 Cannot open *Server-9117-MMB-SN6523F9P_F9P_CuAt_ODM.out.
F9P (serials.out:) - LUN is not assigned to any VTD device
INFO - Spare LUN

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Is there an underscore ( '_' ) character in your HMC's, or managed box's or VIO server's name? If there is, that could be a problem from script's point of view (I have to admit - I did not count this possibility in when I designed the script)

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