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1 localhost commented Permalink

not sure where to integrate the code

2 localhost commented Trackback

a.taylores can you elaborate? Do you mean where to put the ZK code under Apache Tomcat?

3 localhost commented Permalink

Hi,I can't find a direct link to the source, could you provide one (or at least instructions on where to put the sources)?Also it would be very nice to provide instructions on how to make it run (for those of us that are not familiar with ZK/ajax).

4 localhost commented Permalink

don't works new Listcell(data[0]).setParent(item);

works new Listcell((((Object[])data)[i]).toString()).setParent(item);

5 localhost commented Trackback

Ricardo,Thanks for the comment. I just checked the version on my laptop, it is working fine with "new Listcell(data[0]).setParent(item);" and the latest version of ZK, so I don't understand your comment. What versions of Tomcat and JDK are you using, what error do you get?


6 localhost commented Permalink

Just an aside to your 'design goals':

If you want 'no bells or whistles' it's'Form follows function'.
'Form over function' means just the opposite.

7 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Reinhard. I understand your point, but I still mean form over function AND no bells or whistles. The 'form' in this sense is a simple minimalist look. The 'function' I'm missing out on is all the additional features that could perhaps make the application more useful.

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