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Hi Guy,I am facing a problem while connecting an informixstored procedure with a Datagrid in an ASP.NET page.For mapping the result columns of the stored procedurewith datagrid columns, I am assigning the following values to the Datafield option in the property builder of datagrid.(expression) - for the first column(expression)1 - for the second column(expression)2 - for the third column

...(expression)n - for the nth column.
This method was working perfectly with IDS 7.3 Version but after upgrading to IDS 10 it is giving the error "A field or property with the name '(expression)' was not found on the selected datasource. "
Can you please tell me what is the coulumn headerswhile a procedure returning a result set?

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Hi Dileep,Not too familiar with datagrids, you could try comp.databases.informix or the Informix developer forum http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/forums/dw_forum.jsp?forum=548&cat=19RegardsGuy

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Hi Guy,Thanks for your comments.I found that this problem is coming only with the latest CSDK(2.60 TC6). In previous Versions of CSDK the stored procedure column names returned as (expression), (expression)1... etc.

But in CSDK 2.60TC6, I am getting the the SP column names as Column1, Column2,.... That meanes either I have to use older CSDKor have to make changes in more than 600 ASP Pages to work with latest CSDK.
Can you suggest any solution for this?

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Hi Dileep, Not sure about your CSDK version.. do you mean 2.90.TC6?There was a CSDK defect: 176271 .NET APPLICATION, WHICH USES A STORED PROCEDURE, RECEIVES DIFFERENT COLUMN HEADER NAMES WHEN USING OLEDB WITH CSDK 2.81 OR CSDK2.90.which sounds similar. This is from the text:When using CSDK 2.81OLEDB the column name will be displayed like this:Column1Column2... and so onWhen using CSDK 2.90 OLEDB the column names appear in this form: _x0028_expression_x0029_1 _x0028_expression_x0029_2 ... and so on

However this is listed as fixed in 2.90.TC6. If you're still getting a similar problem it might need logging as a new defect.

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Hi Guy,There was a spelling mistake. Actually it is 2.90 TC6not 2.60 TC6. Sorry for your inconvenience.I am getting stored procedure header when using in .NET like this:1) When using CSDK 2.81 for connecting IDS 7.3UC3 DBMSFirst column - (expression)Second Column - (expression)1Third Column - (expression)2.....so on

2) When using CSDK 2.90 TC6 for connecting IDS 10.0 DBMSFirst column - Column1Second Column - Column2Third Column - Column3.....so on
Due to some locale related problems, I can't use CSDK 2.81 with IDS 10.0. Recently I upgraded to IDS 10.0 from IDS 7.3but my .NET development environment remains same. I don't know whether the problem is with IDS 10.0 or CSDK.

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Hi Guy,If I try to insert the value 12,102 into a field that is defined in the database as dec(5,3) I always get the following error:[Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Decimal or money value exceeds maximum precision. (# -1226)

The values 12,10; 99,11 are ok!
Any ideas?
Our environment:Client:WinXP, Windows2003ServerCSDK: 2.90.TC4, 2.90.TC5 and 2.90.TC6 ( 06.09.2006)Server: RedHat Linux 4.0 ASIBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 10.00.FC5
Table: create table 'jetfibu'.ankkprz ( kz_zins_kkz SMALLINT not null, abdat INT not null, przsoll DECIMAL(5,3) not null, przhaben DECIMAL(5,3) not null, infotext CHAR(20))extent size 32 next size 64 lock mode row;
With dbaccess, 4gl,.. I can insert these values without any problem.

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