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I wish you success in your new job, Guy.

About the installation process, last time I checked I had to unpack a tar file into $INFORMIXDIR before running the installer. I fail to see the reason for that requirement, and it bugs me because it makes me give /usr more space than it needs. I want to start the installation process from anywhere I want (my home for instance).
And why should it use Java anyways? It would be nicer that IBM could offer packages for the package managers of the platforms it supports (RPM is not enough). As if the Informix installation was so complicated anyways (a bunch of files dropped in a single directory). Or am I missing something?
About onconfig, there's a DBCREATE_PERMISSION option that I have to repeat for each and every user I want to give permission to create a database. Ok, I shouldn't be giving create permissions to a lot of people, but, what's wrong with specifying them in a single line, separated with spaces, just like DBSERVERALIASES?

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Hi Gerardo, thanks for your good wishes and for your suggestions. Let me answer the last one first, I'll come back in a later comment to your other suggestions.re: DBCREATE_PERMISSION supporting a comma separated list of names, this is fixed in IDS 11.10 and the most recent versions of IDS 10.0 (xC6+). The defect number was:idsdb00016965 DBCREATE_PERMISSION ONCONFIG PARAMETER DOES NOT SUPPORT COMMA SEPARATED LIST OF NAMES.RegardsGuy

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Hi Gerardo, I have belatedly commented on your comments in a new post. See http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/page/gbowerman?entry=install_musingsRegardsGuy

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