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Hi Fernando,

Well, last time I installed Informix (several months ago) the installer failed when trying to run it from my home directory. It was not the first time. So I gave up. I'll try it again someday.
I haven't dealed with many DBMS installations. I come from the free software realm and installing software there is _dead easy_ (most of the time), thanks to the package managers.

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Hello Guy,

thanks for taking the time to reasearch about this issue.
I'd like you to open and read Informix 9's installserver and Informix 11's ids_install scripts.
As you can see, most of the things you mention are already done in one of the most portable languages available among Unices: Bourne shell's.
Yes, the OS checking, the linking, the license agreement ... written for the old good Bourne shell.
Actually MOST of the code in those scripts have to deal with the Java nightmare[1]. Yes, more than 50% of it.
So, what's the point of using Java if it only adds complication (when it was supposed to be a solution)?
I don't know really. I can come up with some justifications though, but neither of them are nice to mention.
As for the GUI installation, I wasn't even aware it existed. But it's not worth it; the Informix installation is simple enough [2].
You may ask then what is my issue with Java.
Well, from a programmer point of view, it's an unneeded complication. But ok, I'm not on that side of the product (but I like Informix, and would love to help to make it better.)
From a user point of view, I had a problem once with the installer... a Java problem. That's how I learnt some things about the installer, because I had to hack it to make it work and was exposed to all that Java mess. I don't want to be there again.
---Gerardo Santana
[1] Java is multiplatform, but there are so many Java implementations and versions out there that have their own incompatibilities and problems. Don't take my word for it, just read the scripts I mentioned.
[2] You have a better and safer bet with Perl, Python or Ruby plus the toolkit of your choice (GTK+, Qt, wxWindows), if you most.

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