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Hi guys,

we are really looking forward to see the IDS on the amazon cloud. Beeing the german marketleader for - as we call it - touristic IRS-Systems (means information and reservation systems), our clients range from the city of Hamburg to germanys leading internetportal for small hotels, guesthouses and holiday vacations, called holidayinsider.de.
Working with informix since 1989, we use IDS 10.00 for our production-systems and are going to release our application also under IDS 11.5. As a perfect addition to the reliability of IDS, we follow the approach to combine IDS with the flexibility and capabilities of EC2.
Like typical OLTP applications, we need maximal I/O and best CPU-performance.
For me, there is no doubt about "does IDS 11.5 work in EC2", I just wonder if we'll get equivalent performance compared to classical (not virtualized) systems.
For now, EC2 supports only "small.instance" of IDS Developer Edition, which means "moderate I/O". We thinks that's the reason for the very poor performance when creating a first data-dbspace (it tooks more than 6 minutes for 8 GB). However, further instances ("large", "extra large", "high-cpu extra large") may solve that problem, by supporting "high I/O".
According to Amazon's Instance information (http://download.boulder.ibm.com/ibmdl/pub/software/dw/cloud/ids/Get_Started_IDS_AMI.pdf chapter 2.1), 160 GB instance storage (150 GB plus 10 GB root partition) is supported by the "small instance". Unfortunately, the IDS Developer-Edition limits the DBSpace to a maximum of 8 GB. Thus, performance-tests with "real-live" data are not possible. That's a pitty because it definitely handicapes our decision process for using IDS in the EC2.
Did anybody else test IDS in EC2? I also couldn't find any schedules for releasing the IDS Express-, Workgroup- or Enterprise-Edition on IBM's website.
Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions...

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Hi Markus,Thanks for your comments. I am very interested to learn more about your cloud deployment plans, and requirements, and to help if I can.

Look out for further announcements next month around other IDS editions. Feel free to contact me directly (guyb _at_ us.ibm.com) and I can give you a better idea of what might be coming up.

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