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1 localhost commented Permalink

Hi I have a problem with download. I don't know if the problem come from my computer or is a temporary problem from your system.

My error message is
"Bad Gateway
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.IBM_HTTP_Server Server at www14.software.ibm.com Port 80"

2 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Marian,Thanks for trying it, and thanks for reporting a problem. Did you try both the HTTP and the Data Director download? Did you try both Firefox and IE? Tried clearing the cache and restarting your browser?

I just tried downloading the .tgz file and it is working for me. Can you try again? Maybe it was a temporary glitch...

3 localhost commented Permalink

Hi , great image.Have you heard of any issue connecting to this appliance via ODBC connector using Informix CSDK 3.50 TC2?we can connect to our Solaris box using the same settings but it will not connect to this appliance. - we added hosts entry in windows - we have setup setnet32 with the port, user name and using onsoctcp. - all the involved servernames are resolvable.

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Hi, glad you like the image. Keep in mind when you launch it the image is in a subnet of the host machine, so though it can connect externally you'd only be able to connect to it from the host machine. You will need to reconfigure the networking in the image and VMWare to be able to connect from other machines - or configure the host machine to route incoming connections to the IDS listening port. These steps might help troubleshoot if you can't connect to IDS from the host machine:- run ifconfig in the appliance to figure out what your IP addresses are. - ping the ip addresses from the host machine to figure out which one is externally visible. - look at the $INFORMIXSQLHOSTS file to check the machine and port corresponding to your IDS instance, it will be something like ids1150svr- check /etc/hosts for that server ip address (something like you might need to change it to the externally visible ip address - or change the sqlhosts file, and restart IDS.


5 localhost commented Trackback

I read your comment again and see you said you already resolved servernames successfully, which might make some of my suggestions redundant. If you're still stuck, what error do you see? If it can't see the server at all (like a 908 error), then remove ODBC from the equation by trying to telnet to the IDS listening port from your host machine.

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