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1 localhost commented Permalink

Hello Mr Bowerman,

I downloaded the IDS 11.50.xC4 virtual appliance:IDS-11.50.UC4-DE-SLES10SP2-wks-x86_32-v1.9.2.exe from the above link and tried to install using VMware workstation ver 6.xx on my windows xp machine (NTFS file system with core 2 duo and 2 gb ram) but after some time it failed with error some thing like:
Some files are corrupted....
Pls help !

2 localhost commented Trackback

Hello Vikas,

Thanks for trying the virtual appliance. What failed, was it the self-extracting executable during extraction? That would imply something went wrong with the download. You could try the download again, using HTTP download if you used the other the first time (or vice versa).
You could also try downloading the .tgz file and uncompress it with a freeware utility like 7-zip.
Please post again if this doesn't work for you. (Or if it does.)

3 localhost commented Permalink

Hello Guy !

Finally after 2 attempts( 1st time wrong file download and 2nd time corrupted file) i was 3rd time lucky to install the virtual appliance successfully and work on it :)
I appreciate the ease of working on this product, It looks good and works almost fine though i found that for some reasons
1. The alarmprogram.sh is not working for me.
BACKUPLOGS=YBACKUP_CMD="ontape -a -d"informix@ids1150srvr[demo_on]:/data/bkp$ onstat -c |grep ^ALARMPROGRAMALARMPROGRAM /opt/IBM/informix/etc/alarmprogram.sh
I did reboot the instance but no sucess with trigger on event 23.
2. I believed we could make the LTAPEDEV effective to /dev/null with out reboot if set from onmonitor but does not work for me, but thats trivial.
3. OAT is not working for me, firefox keeps on checking for available plugins and does not find them.
Ofcourse I'm more interested working with all the new features introduced in IDS 11.50.UC4 and the virtual appliace gives me a very good chance check out all these featured @home :)
Thanks to all, who made this fantastic product so easy to work with.

4 gbowerman commented Permalink

Hello Vikas,

Sorry for the delay, I missed this comment before.
Yes you can change the TAPEDEV onconfig parameters without restarting IDS. Perhaps try a simpler ALARMPROGRAM script that just prints to a file as a troubleshooting step.
Please try the 11.50.xC5 virtual appliance which is now released. Unfortunately you still need to install the Firefox plug-in to use OAT - this is a licensing restriction as we are not authorized to distribute the Flash plug-in. The online documentation does describe the exact steps to download and install it.
Thanks for your comments about the product. It means a lot to the development team to see feedback like this.

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