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Well, I don't know if I did anything wrong. I tried to install IDS11.10 on my Ubuntu 8.04 box. Everything went fine during the installation. Then I found out that the esql couldn't be found under $INFORMIXDIR/bin. I had tried several times, and still couldn't make it happen. Would you please tell me if I had missed anything?

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Hi James,Did you install IDS or the bundle? If you installed the bundle did you select I-Connect or Client SDK? You would only get esql/c if you installed Client SDK.Guy

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Hi Guy!

Thanks for your prompt reply. I installed the IDS, and I did select client SDK to install. No matter how many times I had tried, I never could find esql/c installed.
Where can I find the install log? Is ids_install.txt under /tmp the right place to check?

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James, please contact me directly, guyb _at_ us.ibm.com - we're working on something that may interest you and are looking for early adopters.:-)


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Hi, i would like if ubuntu 8.04 and ubuntu 8.10 its supported for installing IDS 10.00, 11.10 and so on.

If it´s supported, then what IDS release i must to install on this distros.
Thanks for your information.

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Hi Pablo,

The latest version of IDS 11.50.xC2 (or xC3 just out this week) are recommended.
I haven't tried installing it on Ubuntu 8.10, if you do get any trouble with library incompatibilities then install using the -disable-checks command line option (see http://publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/idshelp/v115/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.expr.doc/ids_in_014x.htm ). This command line option is available from 11.10.xC2.
BTW look out for a more native way to install IDS on Ubuntu which we hope to announce soon.

7 jandrade commented Permalink

I've been looking to install Informix on Lucid for a couple of weeks and there is simply no way of doing it.

Do you have a good updated manual?

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