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1 localhost commented Permalink

When you say "Version 2.1 of the free DataStudio Developer" do you intend to say free, as in free trial for 30 or 90 days? I remember trying out a recent release which had expired after I think 90 days.

2 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Ron,

My understanding is that the free features have no time-out. There are non-free features that will time out after 30 days but the rest doesn't time out.
I am told by Kevin Foster:This single package contains both the no-charge, perpetual features available and supported for IDS customers with up-to-date maintenance contracts, but also 30-day trial features of the value-added capabilities of the priced Data Studio Developer product. The trial features are optional during installation, but I think you’ll be happy if you give them a test drive.

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