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1 localhost commented Permalink

What about a third variant of this problem:

You have at least one DBSERVERALIASES entry and have set your %informixserver% env var to one of these values.
What and how to add to the registry to be able to do e.g. onstats with this setup?

2 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Andreas,Good point - it's a valid use case and something we should look into fixing on a permanent basis.A quick and dirty workaround would be to set %INFORMIXSERVER% to that value and run "buildreg" from the IIUG ntutils utilities to set up registry entries for that value. That reminds me of two things:1. Except an update of ntutils in the next few weeks.2. buildreg will go away, since the Lightweight installer prototype (lwt_install) provides a well maintained superset of buildreg functionality. We will document how to use lwt_install to do what buildreg does.CheersGuy

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