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any idea what future release this will be found in? thanks

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Under the IBM SWG policy, we cannot specify future release dates going beyond the current quarter, which is why I did not list a date. But I can say that this is in plan for our upcoming feature release of IDS. It would not be on a fixpack on the current 11.70 thread. We will have an Early Validation Program (EVP) where customers can sign up to do early evaluation of this feature. Please watch out for that announcement.

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Hi Fred,

I really enjoy this entry and it was really useful. I have a question and I'm invoking to your wisdom to solve it. I'm doing a query with a row_number() function and it works, but when I include this instruction in a stored procedure it shows an error message: SQL Error (-999): Not implemented yet.
The statement is:
row_number() over(partition by egrhis order by egrnum) row_b, egremp, egrcer, egrsin, egrhis, egring, egregr
from inmegr
where egrsin = 'UC'
Please let me know if you have some information about this issue.
Thank you very much.

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Forgot, The Informix version is: IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.70.FC5GE

Thanks again!

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Response to OscarG:

Thanks for your comment and interest in this topic.
Please note that this original entry was written prior to the official IDS 12.10 release which just went out last week. If you try the same example in 12.10, it does work. (We had an unannounced partial implementation on 11.70) If you are not ready to upgrade to 12.10, you can try it out using the time-limited trial version that you can download, but you should use 12.10 to get the complete SQL/OLAP feature.
Please note also that the examples used in the original blog entry were meant as a primer using a prior implementation (i.e. Red Brick Warehouse) which came before the ANSI SQL/OLAP standard was implemented. The IDS implemention follows the exact standard. There is slight syntax differences, e.g.
Instead of the syntax used in this example:
select row_number() over () as row, dimension, year, measure,
avg (measure) over (partition by dimension)
order by year asc
range between current row and 1 preceding as olap_avg
from …
the implemented syntax within Informix is:
select row_number() over () as row, dimension, year, measure,
avg (measure) over (partition by dimension
order by year asc
range between 1 preceding and current row ) as olap_avg
from …
Everything works as intended and you should see significant performance improvement in IDS, not to mention the much simplified syntax with SQL/OLAP. Please do consult the online documentation if there is discrepancy in syntax. You can also email me directly at

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Hi Fred,

Thanks for helping me. It wasn't possible to move to 12.10,thus I had to solve the problem in a different way. I put the query into a view and called the view from the stored procedure and it works. I'm fostering the migration but you have that always in companies are barriers, I hope in a couple of months we have migrated.
Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge!

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