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1 PeterYim commented Permalink

nice to hear another db blogger! I want to hear more...

2 bobleah commented Permalink

A blog is really about your perspective on the subject... so it will always be unique no matter the subject matter!

3 psiebert commented Permalink

Did you get to meet Ralph Kimball when you were working for Red brick?

4 fredho66 commented Permalink

Ralph Kimball left Red Brick shortly after it went public - can't remember the exact years. He has his own consulting firm and offers training and classes in the so-called Kimball University. I did have the occasion to meet with him several times, one at design session where the customer (a large online Internet provider) that implemented their Star Schema with Ralph, wanted him to go over their design after many years of development. It shows the importance of proper design for optimal performance and future growth.

5 Spokey commented Permalink

More bloggers are always welcome, Fred, especially Informix ones!

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