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1 ed_p commented Permalink

Your Petitboot screenshots above indicate that you are running on an 8286-42A which is an S824. Is that correct? Assuming future direction is to run Ubuntu/Redhat/Suse in PowerNV mode on all the POWER8 servers?

2 JeremyKerr commented Permalink

Hi Breno. This looks good - just a little tweak on the petitboot info though: hitting 'n' will open the boot option editor immediately. Once you exit the editor, (and return to the menu) you'll see the 'User item 1' option.

I think this is just a matter of flipping the order of those two screenshots?
Cheers, Jeremy

3 Bill_Buros commented Permalink

ed_p: Linux running non-virtualized on Power8 systems needs the OPAL firmware, which implies (comes with) the Linux-only scale-out POWER8 systems. The non-virtualized support, as with the associated KVM hosting capability, is generic Linux enabling for POWER, and as such could be available in any of the Linux distributions over time. I watch the linuxppc-dev mailing list for ongoing development and patches -

In the development labs, we have the luxury of "making OPAL work" on any of the POWER systems, but that should not and does not imply that support will be available on other systems.
So in summary: Linux-only systems are the focus. And watch OpenPOWER Foundation offerings. All of this is open-source for a reason!

4 Breno Leitao commented Permalink

Thanks Jeremy. The blog entry was updated.

5 torbjar commented Permalink

FYI, the text and images in the middle column are truncated on the right on two Win7 systems with Firefox (24.6 ESR and 29.0.1). The left and right columns are OK. Other pages in the same community (and elsewhere in dW) are correct. The text displays correctly with Chrome on the same two systems.

6 jerberstark commented Permalink

Thanks for the heads-up, torbjar. I scaled down the images, and it looks OK to me now in Firefox.