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1 MelBak commented Permalink

Thanks for the information, I am an IBM employee , and need to access the VLP, how can I start?

2 Ranissi commented Permalink

Mel, as an IBM employee you just need to get an ID and link it with your intranet ID. Go to and take an action (either the first or third link depending on your situation). The instructions might be confusing, so please contact me if you have any issues. Once you have access (takes a day in general), you can make system reservations on the VLP.

3 Sky2Rajneesh commented Permalink

Can we get HMC access for Power System on VLP ?

4 Ranissi commented Permalink

@Sky2Rajneesh, unfortunately, because of the VLP architecture, you cannot use the HMC. You would need a physical system (loaner/lease etc.) or access a dedicated system remotely (if you are a Business Partner, the IBM Innovation Centers might be able to help you).