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1 Arindam_Mitra commented Permalink

Dear Fabio,
I want to install RHEL 6.3 over IBM power server 720 ( 16 Processor, 32 GB RAM, 3 tb HDD ). AIX 6.2 already installed in the system. I am using IBM linux Installation Tool Kit distro 5.3. I write it in a DVD. When I boot with it boot prompt shown, after that when it start to load kernel it showing VFS not Mount root kernel panic error.

Any one can help me to resolve the problem.
Thanks & regards

2 FabioDassan commented Permalink


we can handle this issue (and others) on PowerLinux Community area, through posts on forum, as you have already created:
It's a better place to discuss the problems and help you and other people with similar problems.
Best regards,