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1 scooty-cat commented Permalink

Would it be alright for me to place the tgz packages on my personal repository so that other users of FreeBSD on the POWER platform can download java?

2 Bill_Buros commented Permalink

No, the tar balls have a click through license agreement which is required. Just point users to the download web site, it's easy enough to get the images themselves when they need them.

3 scooty-cat commented Permalink

The only catch is that the default install base for user and third party applications is /usr/local on FreeBSD and not the standard /usr for Linux.
Each on will need to edit the file in vi before executing it.
One needs to be a member of the Developer Works community to download.
I'm not a direct representative of the FreeBSD foundation; I'm just an avid user; however, I can ask both this community and the FreeBSD foundation if circumstances would allow users to certain software.

4 LarryRosenman commented Permalink

If I can help the IBM Java Team with FreeBSD I'd love to. (I'm an IBMer).

5 scooty-cat commented Permalink