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1 Fra_nk_ commented Permalink

Hello Aleksander. Thanks for posting and reporting the problem. Actually, I found same issue in the Development Environment for different REST services. As you mentioned the compression was wrong; in fact, the accepted-encoding was "gzip, deflate" and according to the code it should not be.
I'll have a look to the APAR! thanks for that.

By the way, once I enabled the foundation feature- again about Toolkit- the web server was not configured as expected (details in the following link:
Do you know if the IHS plugin configuration supposed to be automatically made by the feature enablement?

2 Aleksander Kovač commented Permalink

Hi Francesco,

I have not seen any such issues on toolkit versions - it may be because there are less toolkit configurations with IHS installed? I believe that such configuration is supposed to be automatic on the server version. Next time, if you find a problem for which you suspect that it is an issue - let us know: