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1 JYFS_Imran_Akbar commented Permalink

Thanks for the post.i was searching for quiet long. <div>&nbsp;</div> i have followed the above steps, and the plugin got deployed successfully. on the RTC client couldn't find the plugin to add in Process Configuration Work Items -&gt; Save Work Item (server) <div>&nbsp;</div> what would be the problem? <div>&nbsp;</div>

2 kriti_ibm commented Permalink

Hi were you able to solve it? <br /> I am also facing the same issues, even i followed all the steps correctly. <br /> The check Summary Advisor option is not coming under Add preconditions. <br /> Just i have developer trial license instead 10 free developer license. <div>&nbsp;</div>

3 4QS1_José_Andrés_Rodríguez_Tor commented Permalink

Same problem. Could anyone find a solution for this?

4 ElCronista commented Permalink

Please replace com.ibm.team.proccess.service.operationAdvisors with com.ibm.team.process.service.operationAdvisors <div>&nbsp;</div> The word proccess is writen with doble "c" and the correct word is process with single "c" <div>&nbsp;</div>

5 thalapathi commented Permalink

Hi All, <div>&nbsp;</div> How to remove the operation Advisor from the precondition list in a project. <div>&nbsp;</div> I have installed a custom Operation Advisor and now I need to delete it. I tried to delete the corresponding ini file from provision_profiles directory and restarted the server. Again I am seeeing the precondition from the list. <div>&nbsp;</div> Any pointers to my issue? <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers, <br /> Simon

6 sdetweil commented Permalink

you also need to stop and restart the eclipse client when u add or remove the operation/participant advisors from the we server config.. AND u must reset the server to clear its app cache.. as well.

7 3072_Dnyaneshwar_Markad commented Permalink

how to set the debug environment for plug-in development while using the websphere application server

8 alicia720 commented Permalink

Does anyone know how to programmatically add a list of values to a drop down in Rational Team Concert?


If you have problems while trying the below mentioned step -- Try to restart the server and Eclipse client. I hope that will solve the problem. <div>&nbsp;</div> - Select Process Configuration, go to Team Configuration -&gt; Operation Behavior, look for Work Items -&gt; Save Work Item (server) and click Add to add our Advisor.

10 61GG_Olga_Haslavski commented Permalink

Thanks :) It working fine !!!

11 IdanShannyMW commented Permalink

Hi all, <br /> I need to get also different attributes than the summary. For example the "time spent" attribute, but also need to know how to get other fields, including custom ones. <br /> So, how can I check a different attribute than the summary? <br /> Thanks, <br /> Idan.

12 DH25_Susan_Hanson commented Permalink

I believe I have followed all the directions, restarted the server, and enabled the Advisor. <div>&nbsp;</div> When I go in to create a work item (starting one without the error), I get the following error: <br /> Problem <br /> Unable to instantiate advisor rtc_summary_check_advisor.operationAdvisor. <br /> CRJAZ6010E The operation advisor cannot be created because an exception occurred. For more information, see the exception. <div>&nbsp;</div> There was nothing in my client log file and I didn't find anything that came out in the server process window. Any help on where to look for an instantiation error?

13 DH25_Susan_Hanson commented Permalink

I found the error, which is that the Activator was invalid. I had missed the uncheck of the activator. I tried to change it but it didn't work. I deleted everything, redid everything, and it works fine. Thanks!!

14 DH25_Susan_Hanson commented Permalink

I guess my next questions are:
1) what is the process to put this onto a production server? I can have my production server operations create the file in the provision_profiles directory. Do I just take everything in the conf\ccm\sites\<advisor> directory and put it into the same place on the production server? Or do I have to do something in my project and then export something?

2) these now have V1. to make a V2, do I just change the version number, resave to create a new jar file, and them somehow update the feature/site to get the right jar file?</advisor>

15 TayaneRodriguesMoreira commented Permalink

The Check Summary Advisor option is not coming under Add preconditions. Anyone else had this problem?

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