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1 careid69 commented Permalink

In the old days we would call this Boiler Plate, a set of tasks that work for all projects of a certain type that were common, from there we would customize to a fit the project with in limits. Adding sections to the Boiler plate for the future that could be deleted if not needed for the new project. I think this the next gen of this methodolgy taking into concideration new technology. I think it all comes down to not recreating the wheel, learning from the past and good Management. In these times of Project specific employees and consultants, knowledge is not kept and experiance and knowledge is not captured and reused, If Corporations are going to cycle through employees then they need to capture the knowledge/lessons learned from the completed projects and not just start another project of simialar nature from the begining again. Corporations pay for the lessons they learn or refuse to learn from.