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Welcome to our blog, Daniela, it's good to have you here. Thanks for creating those videos... they turned out quite well.


2 localhost commented Trackback

Hi Jim,

Thanks for putting the video of the presentation online!
I attended the presentation and had to sit on the floor because it was so crowded, but it was worth it! I learnt about a few tools that I can use for the JumpUp website that I'm building for Intuit. JumpUp (http://jumpup.com) helps new busiesses get up and running successfully by providing real advice for real people. I've also posted information about this session on the JumpUp forums. http://jumpup.intuit.com/forums/misc/29/0
After the presentation I went to the demos and talked to Dapper. They seem to have some cool tools to create feeds. They did a live demo of creating a feed for JumpUp's new members. I also checked out Yahoo Pipes and that seems to be a very useful tool as well.
Thanks to all the presenters for a great presentation!

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