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1 jimhsu commented Permalink

To prime the pump, here are a few web feeds I subscribe to:


2 vskinner commented Permalink

I love RSS feeds! Totally revolutionized how I consume info. I've used My Yahoo for keeping track of personal reads, but I also want to start using feeds in Lotus Notes for work-related stuff.

3 bobleah commented Permalink

Feeds are a great way to keep up with lots of resources across the web. One neat feature of My dW groups is the feeds section... where members can add feeds relevant to the group topic. Feeds are simply one of the best ways to share information in real time!

4 SumaChakrabarti commented Trackback

I have been using Lotus feed reader for some time now for my work related stuff. Also Google reader for other web sites..

I posted one blog entry where I listed couple of My dW feeds itself
- https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/sshastry/entry/willandway

5 robinlangford commented Permalink

Thanks for this post, Jim -- really helpful!

A fun feed I subscribe to is www.commoncraft.com (http://www.commoncraft.com/index.rdf) -- they make short, clever videos to explain difficult concepts to people who work outside of IT or banking or whatever field they're focusing on.
On developerWorks, we've just added RSS feeds to the dW downloads page (developerworks/downloads) so people can easily find new products available for trial download.
Thanks for taking the time to explain RSS feeds!
- Robin

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