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1 localhost commented Permalink

We have started to redesign one of our applications to use OpenLaszlo with the IDE4Laszlo and it has helped a lot, especially for our web designers that are use to using Dreamweaver. I would like to see development on this technology to continue. We feel that the rich internet client is the future and we need to compete against a company that has a .net solution. We are staying away from the JSF movement all together and staying with Tapestry as our other presentation framework.

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Eric,Thank you for your comment. I'll make sure the rest of the IDE4Laszlo team sees it.-Jim Hsu

3 localhost commented Permalink

We're evaluating using openlaszlo to replace a proprietary solution that involved xml/xslt view generation. One of the problems we've observed is that while the LaszloIDE is a huge step in the right direction it seems slow/buggy for the moment. One of our chief GUI developers is of course familiar with and uses Visual Studio to do C++ development of our thick client. Naturally he likes the ease of use that suite provides to create .net based web interfaces. We are hoping that the laszlo ide will enable a similar GUI building experience. Unfortunately at the moment it keeps crashing on him and things seem slower than ideal when he makes updates via drag and drop. On a final note I've had problems convincing the IDE that any other web app other than the default laszlo web app is a "laszlo" server. By this I mean if you pull all the supporting infrastructure from laszlo per documentation into an existing web app you can't convince the ide its a laszlo server despite laszlo projects in that web app running just fine. To summarize its a huge step towards where we view the future to be but hopefully there will be several incremental bugfix/performance releases in the near future. Is there a roadmap published anywhere?

4 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Riftware and welcome. I found your comments to be interesting and thank you for posting. Regarding the future plans for LaszloIDE, there is an earlier blog entry about OpenSource efforts. Unfortunately, it has scrolled off the main blog page, but the permalink is http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/dw_blog_comments.jspa?blog=486&entry=89292Please your thoughts on opensourcing to that thread.Thanks,-Jim Hsu

5 localhost commented Permalink

I'm unable to download the plugin.When I click on the download link on the page http://alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/ide4laszlo/downloadI get the error Virtual Host or Web Application Not Found The host www14.software.ibm.com on port 9457 has not been definedRegardsMilind

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