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1 Mark Fuqua commented Permalink

OMG. No Gantt chart? No Resource chart? I didn't think I could hate IBM more. I buy Ilog for $800 and the next day...THE NEXT DAY, they change the OEM license wording. So life goes on, right. I put Ilog and Flex on hold for awhile...start getting excited about trying again with Flex 4. Decide to just build intranets, using Ilog gantt charts and resource charts. But I need to wait for Ilog and the SUPER SECRET IBM, to release update for flex 4. Hints and words to "just be patient" are heeded. And now, the ilog component set is gutted, removing the Gantt chart and Resource chart to the Elixer Enterprise? WTF. How can you guys get up every day and drag yourself to work? I know from following you on the old Ilog site, you care about your do you handle working for IBM? I hope they pay well.

2 ChristopheJolif commented Permalink

Hi Mark, this post is a technical post, as you have complaints about new packaging & pricing without any relationship with the content of this post I suggest you put them as commments to the post ( that details the new packaging. Thanks!

3 Mark Fuqua commented Permalink

Good suggestion Christophe, I'll copy and paste it there now. Sorry for the tone, but is was quite a suprise and felt like a stab in the back. I'll try and keep my comments on topic from now on. I was sort of hoping that the time line was a replacement for the Gantt sheet and Resource chart...that was pretty much my last hope...but alas it was not.

4 nimer commented Permalink

Is this possible? Can you have multiple overview bands all using one Using one RangeSelector and one Main Band?

5 ChristopheJolif commented Permalink

@nimer you can perfectly have a ILOG Elixir Timeline with several overview bands (at different zoom levels for example) and a single main band. You can have a range selector on each of the overview bands or only on some of them or a a single one. Of course having a single range selector covering all the overviews would not make sense as they would not have the same zoom levels? In any case feel free to download our beta at and ask more precise questions on our beta forum at if needed.

6 nimer commented Permalink

@Christopher, thanks for the forum link, I couldn't find it earlier. That's good to hear that it's possible. In my digging through code (and I can't remember where I found it) it appears that multiple main-bands where doable but the main component only supported one overview skin part. As for one rangeSelector. If I have the bands synchronized and I'm zooming them together as a set wouldn't reducing the time range to one be a performance improvement and a usability improvement for the user? What I'm trying to do - I want to have different overview timelines for different data sets.. But want to merge them into one set in the main band.

7 ChristopheJolif commented Permalink

@nirmer I'll have a look at your post on the forum & answer there. Basically you indeed have a single overview skin part but you can workaround that. More to come later on the forum.