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1 GrahamCroucher commented Permalink

Thanks for this entry, it was a great help. <div>&nbsp;</div> I modified it to work with gantt chart objects, but now I have an issue whereby the bitmap doesn't include the Time Line at the top of the gantt chart. <div>&nbsp;</div> it displays all the Activities/Resources down the side, and all the tasks in their correct places, but I also want the time line to show. <div>&nbsp;</div> Would you know how to fix this? <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards, <br /> Graham

2 GrahamCroucher commented Permalink

I figured it out :) <div>&nbsp;</div> I replaced the Y value in the translate line with 0, and it starts drawing from the top of the whole, instead of the top of the task/resource area. <div>&nbsp;</div> For me, -bbox.y was always = -51, that being the height of the Time Line. <div>&nbsp;</div> New line: matrix.translate(0,0); <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks again!

3 jokerwho commented Permalink

Thanks for the tip: there is only one (maybe stupid) thing that I am missing: what is <br /> "diagram.graph.contentBBox"? <br /> thanks

4 roybaby commented Permalink

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