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1 drdamour commented Permalink

It's a funny coincidence: we **JUST** ran into a problem in an XT based application where users could not view objects even though the instance security was configured correctly. A lot of troubleshooting later we found the culprit to be ready security on some of the property definitions. <div>&nbsp;</div> Are there any good use cases to restricting access at the property definition level for read?

2 WJCarpenter commented Permalink

drdamour, do you mean permissions of a PropertyDefinition or on a PropertyTemplate? PropertyDefinitions don't have their own security, but the containing ClassDefinition does. <div>&nbsp;</div> As for why someone would restrict read access, I think it is most often a misunderstanding of how things fit together. For example, someone might like to hide the CD to prevent certain users from using that class, but they really should be restricting create instance rights. <div>&nbsp;</div> ((Sorry for the delay in responding. There was a problem with comments and I didn't know you'd asked the question until today.))

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