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Comments (4)

1 Dave Perman commented Permalink

Nice work Dave, especially given you have only had the software for a week! <div>&nbsp;</div> This example shows the power of both the new model layer and the new customization points that include not only menus, but toolbar buttons/menus that can now be configured on most ICM widgets.

2 rsantana commented Permalink

How to Complete Work items of several from the in-basket ? do you have any tutorial?

3 Dave_Ward commented Permalink

Hi rsantana, <br /> Just to be clear about your question. <br /> Are you asking if I have any samples to allow you to complete (i.e. move to the next step in the task) from the inbasket without needing to open each item individually in the Work Details page and click "Complete"? <br /> Thanks, <br /> Dave.

4 rsantana commented Permalink

Hi Dave_Ward, yes, but already got. Thank you

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