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Comments (6)

1 Sebastiano commented Permalink

This script work only with in "Work Detail Pages" . <br /> In "Add Case Pages" doesn't work.

2 Dave Perman commented Permalink

Actually, this script will work on any page as it simply wires to the Properties widget. In my example above, I created it on my Add Case page.

3 ArsalanKhan commented Permalink

Dave, you are right. This script works with any page.

4 Sebastiano commented Permalink

Right, I deleted and recreated the script and everything works. <br /> Thank you!

5 SundarShanmugam commented Permalink

The payload on an Update Field Event just has information on the field changed, is it possible to get the values for other fields on the Properties widget. We need the value for an additional field on the properties widget to do the look-up. Properties widget has fields A and B. On change of A, we need to do look-up using A and B.

6 MatthiasKr commented Permalink

Hi. Did someone find a solution for the comment from SundarShangam. I try to write a script, where i need the 'Field Updated' Event, but more than this one Property. Because of the minal payload with just the changing value i don't know how to get the other properties. I hope somebody know a way to do this. Thank you

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