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1 rshelby commented Permalink

Thank you for the nice blog post. A lot of good information here. One thing that always concerns me however is the use of private functions or methods since there's a risk that they won't be there in a future release. Is there a public version to the "_isNext" property of the workItemHandler? Thanks again.

2 Tianxj commented Permalink

Thanks Ryan. Yes, private API usage could be a pitfall. We will expose a better API in next fix pack for opening a given workitem in current opened work detail page.

3 sasia commented Permalink

Hi Tianxj/YanFen GUO, <div>&nbsp;</div> in ICM 5.2 is there any way to open case comment button on work details page load without explicitly clicking and open the case comments button? <br /> Appreciate your help on this

4 YanFen GUO commented Permalink

thanks for Ryan to point out this inappropriate usage of private function. We have a public API published "workItemHandler.handleCurrentPageWorkItem" since ICM5.2.0.1 IF001 release. So this blog entry is updated accordingly.

5 abeaty commented Permalink

Thanks for the useful blog post and for revisiting it with the updated API. I have a couple of questions: <div>&nbsp;</div> 1) Is there a documented set of URL options that can be appended to the Case URL to affect how it runs? <div>&nbsp;</div> 2) If I understand these configurations properly, the user will be in a bit of a spot when the work runs out. Since we have hidden the work list, they can't refresh it without logging out and logging back in again. Is this right? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks a lot.

6 Tianxj commented Permalink

@sasia you can have a script adaptor wiring to the icm.SendWorkItem event,

1. Fetch workitemEditable from event payload
2. Call workitemEditable.retrieveAttributes()
3. Get case model object from workitem, var case = workitemEditable.getCase()
4. Open add comments dialog
// Show the Add Comment Dialog
var addCommentDialog = new AddCommentDialog({
artifactType: "Case",
artifactLabel: case.getCaseTitle(),
caseModel: case,
commentContext: Constants.CommentContext.CASE
// Connects to the comments dialog event to be notified when a comment is added
dojo.connect(addCommentDialog.commentContentPane, "afterAddComment", <context>, <context>.afterAddComment);</context></context>

7 Tianxj commented Permalink


We have a set of URL parameters for addressability,
Solution URL: http[s]://<server>:<port>/navigator/?desktop=<ICMDesktop>&feature=<ICM>&tos=<TOS>&solution=<SolutionPrefix>
Case URL: http[s]://<server>:<port>/navigator/?desktop=<ICMDesktop>&feature=<ICM>&tos=<TOS>&solution=<SolutionPrefix>&caseGUID=<CaseID>
Work Item URL: http[s]://<server>:<port>/navigator/?desktop=<ICMDesktop>&feature=<ICM>&tos=<TOS>&solution=<SolutionPrefix>&queueName=<QueueName>&wobNum=<WobNum>
Page URL: http[s]://<server>:<port>/navigator/?desktop=<ICMDesktop>&feature=<ICM>&tos=<TOS>&solution=<SolutionPrefix>&page=<PageResourceName>&pageType=<pageType>

8 Tianxj commented Permalink

@abeaty <br /> Your2nd concern is correct. So, in ICM 5.2.1, we have the push in-basket introduced, from it, you can see the numbers of work items in the in-basket, but you don't see the list.

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