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1 StellaZhang commented Permalink


2 rahul_ecm commented Permalink

Hi , <div>&nbsp;</div> Only one user can edit a case solution at any given time. It doesn't allow others users to edit the case solution. <br /> As of now we don't have any solutions for how more than one users can access Case Builder and solution simulataneously. <br /> As assigning it to just one user would cause bottlenecks. <div>&nbsp;</div> Please do let me know how do you think we can assign individual components/building blocks in Case Manager projects so that every team memeber is working and no one is waiting for others to complete the assigned tasks. <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks <br /> rahul

3 Dave Perman commented Permalink

We are looking at ways to make parallel solution design easier in the future. <div>&nbsp;</div> Today you can do forms, page design and external process definitions.

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